Satin Doll – Out Now!

Åsa Orbison’s debut album “Blue Bayou”, ”Green Eyes” is pop/jazz 💚 brilliance from beginning to end. Åsa’s voice sparkles with playful beauty in this throwback to the 1940s.

“Those cool and liquid green eyes

A pool of wherein my love lies

So deep that in my searching

for happiness I fear

That they will ever haunt me

All through my life they’ll taunt me

But will they ever want me?

Green eyes, make my dreams come true”

Listen for the ”sublime” bass solo by James Furgeson.

Vocals: Asa Orbison

Guitar: Roy Orbison Jr

Piano: Bruce Dudley

Bass: James Furgeson

Drums: Josh hunt

This is Asa Orbison’s debut song and first single from her upcoming album.

Produced by Roy Orbison Jr who rearranged the famous hit song written by his father, Roy Orbison, in 1963 (and famously covered by Linda Ronstadt in 1977), Roy Jr’s wife Asa gives Blue Bayou an updated jazzy feel with a Scandinavian touch.

Accompanied by Mr Harmonica, Charlie McCoy who played on the original “Blue Bayou” and part-time Traveling Wilbury, Jim Horn on saxophone and a stellar jazz quartet lead by Roy Orbison Jr on guitar. Featuring special guest and family friend, Ana Cristina Cash on background vocals.

Recorded at Roy Orbison Jr’s “Pretty Woman Studio”, Nashville A Team member Wayne Moss’ “Cinderella Studio” and Jack Clement’s “The Cowboy Arms Hotel And Recording Spa”.

Engineered by Luke Chalk and mixed by Cameron Davis (husband of Emily Orbison, Roy’s granddaughter).

Mastered by Richard Dodd who worked on Roy Orbison’s “You Got It” and The Traveling Wilburys.